Welcome To Monogram Madness


Welcome to Monogram Madness!

My name is Lacie Cole and I am the founder and owner of Monogram Madness. I opened my first business in 12th grade. A children’s clothing and gift boutique, specializing in monogrammed gift items for women and children. I’ve always enjoyed creating things. I bought a small used embroidery machine. I spent hours trying to learn how to work the thing. Monogramming scrap fabric, towels, etc... I destroyed so many things practicing but it eventually became a 2nd language to me.

Every year we have experienced exponential growth. The spare bedroom in my home became a little production facility. My neighbors wondered what in the world all those boxes were in my carport every day. My mail carrier with USPS eventually received a pay raise due to the volume of packages he picked up daily. We even began to receive international orders.

Eventually, Monogram Madness went from one small embroidery machine in a small bedroom to several commercial embroidery machines. At this point, I had outgrown the spare bedroom in my home. We needed more space. I have since moved into a warehouse space and we produce and ship everything from there. It is amazing to look at where I started and where the business is now. I am truly humbled and so grateful.

Here at Monogram Madness we are very prompt in responding to customer inquiries and questions about our products and process.  We provide full details, visual size charts, accurate descriptions/Images, and realistic completion timelines so that the buyer has more peace of mind when purchasing online.

We also handle order status inquiries, and sometimes even customer complaints/dissatisfaction with the same promptness.

I cannot tell you how many times I have read the phrase, “Thank you so much for your quick response.”

Our unique product line and attention to detail are attributing factors in the success of this company as well. I am very meticulous about what leaves our shop. I prefer a crisp, clean, and tightly sewn monogram on every product. We utilize advanced embroidery design software to create beautiful and legible lettering, as well as quality thread and backing to ensure a well-crafted and durable monogram.

I am happy to see you visit my site and hope we can serve you again in the future.

Yours Truly,

Lacie Cole





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