Mhhmm! Pumpkin spice and everything nice. We can already smell the crisp air and we are excited and ready for everything fall... Caramel apples, state fairs, pumpkin candles, you name it and we are about it! However, I think what we can agree on is the best part about fall is the FASHION. There are so many layers you can add to your look that makes it go from cute to fabulous! Here are our top ten MUST haves for fall 2018. 

1. Sherpas, sherpas and more sherpas! If you have not made this purchase yet you need to! The fuzziness of this glamorous sweater makes you feel like you're constantly wrapped up by a nice fire. Adding more sherpas to your closet? Make sure you have a sherpa vest! Get yours personally monogramed here!

2. Duck boots. Duck boots of all sizes! Tall or short having a pair this season is a must. Get yours personally monogramed here!

3. Flared Denim is back and we couldn't be happier about it! They're essential to the fall fashion '70s trend. Mix and match wear with any top and a perfect wedge heel! 

4. Military Inspired Outerwear is making casual fashion chic. Pair a clue blouse with our Monogram Quilted Bomber Jacket her a casual but chic look! Find the jacket here!

5. Shearling Vest is the perfect way to add layers and texture to your everyday look. 

You may not have to do any back-to-school shopping, but everyone's closets could use some fall fashion reboot. But where to begin? This list can be your guide; it has the pieces your closet will need to feel complete!




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